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Know what customers are talking about when they’re dropping your company’s name. This may perhaps be the fundamental interest which brought about social media monitoring – although it can provide many more, and far more complex, answers. Learn below what’s important in monitoring and which services wunder media can provide.

What’s important in social media monitoring

Social media monitoring investigates what users say about a specific topic on social networks. For businesses, this piece of information is not just a matter of reputation management. We will show you the reasons why you should systematically monitor disposition and opinions on the internet.

  • Keeping an eye on all media

    If you really want to know what the public is thinking, you should ask as many sources as possible. For social media monitoring this means keeping an eye on more than just Facebook. After all, important feedback can be hidden virtually anywhere. This particularly also applies to networks you don’t use. For example, just because your company doesn’t have a Twitter account doesn’t mean your brands and products aren’t being talked about on there. And even if the company isn’t being named, the question remains: why not?

  • Analysing Dispositions

    Being aware of opinions and topics goes far beyond analysing figures. The number of posts alone using certain terms or hashtags doesn’t say anything about the content. The goal of social media monitoring is to gain a picture from the numerous online comments. Only further analysis will tell you what customers are thinking today and what they thought yesterday – and how this portrays the company on social media. A negative impression, which becomes firmly established there, can seriously jeopardize the future.

Benefits to Companies

In addition to a general interest in opinions on the company and the products there is a lot of information of particular interest to the individual departments. Monitoring can, for example, provide valuable insight for marketing and product development.

Advertising Performance Measurement

Does the current slogan have the intended effect? Do customers associate a new advertising medium with the product? Whether or not the public reacts can be just as vital a success factor as whether comments are positive or negative. What social media monitoring can actually measure in specific cases primarily depends on the specific marketing measures being monitored.

Customer feedback from social media monitoring

Whether customers feel a product or a service is worth commenting on on social media is a personal matter. But ultimately, enquiring how often, and most importantly, how customers share their experiences, is very beneficial. Are new clothes or décor immortalized in a picture? Do users share their location in a status update whilst at your store? These types of details from monitoring Twitter, Instagram or Facebook can provide important information on the disposition of your customers. Of course, it will also allow you to easily determine recurrent complaints, which in turn also allows you to respond quickly.

Incentives for the Social Strategy

Many companies struggle with their profiles not being very popular and their articles only reaching customers by spending from the advertising budget. Social media monitoring provides information on whether this is due to the strategy of the online presence. If Facebook monitoring, for example, shows a product is receiving positive feedback but the Facebook account for the brand performs poorly, you should change your social strategy. wunder media can also provide a detailed social media consultation here.

Limits of Automation

Monitoring isn’t a one-time analysis, but an ongoing process. This typically means collecting data which is constantly being reviewed for changes in user behaviour. The fundamental risk alone that a dreaded “shitstorm” could happen at any time makes an early warning system very appealing. Defending against rare incidents, which most companies are never affected by, however, is not the primary purpose of social media monitoring. Instead, it focuses on monitoring the public’s perception, monitoring trends, and better understanding what customers want.

Temporarily monitoring social media is particularly wise when used to monitor specific events. Being at a trade fair can be reason to focus monitoring on a specific region. When launching new products, it can be helpful to temporarily take a closer look at how it is received. However, these activities typically should not be used as a substitute for vast social media monitoring but instead be used in addition to it, for a very specific purpose.

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