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Social Media Maintenance

Monitoring several social accounts can quickly become a full time job at a company. Social media support is a very complex field which includes editorial work, economic evaluation, and customer support. By starting with a social media consultation and continuously optimising contents, you create a foundation for success on social media. wunder media has the right solutions for you.

Starting Point for Social Media Support

The world of social media platforms has changed drastically over just a few years. While some popular networks have almost completely dwindled away, the number of relevant networks has also spiked. Social media support therefore requires managing various channels, and measuring success and a strategy suitable for the various networks.

More Than Just Facebook

Most companies still think Facebook is more important than all other social media channels. As a matter of fact, a Facebook account is often the only social network account a company has and therefore also the focus of social media support. This should come as no surprise, since the popularity and the number of users suggest shifting many capacities in this area. In the process, the advantages of other channels are easily forgotten. Instagram has become an important platform for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. The network focused on sharing pictures, and therefore successfully found a niche. Platforms such as XING and LinkedIn are based on an entirely different recipe for success. They’re all about work and careers – for users and also for the companies on these networks. Even the short message platform Twitter, famous for its 140-character posts, is still one of the most popular networks in Germany. The goal of social media support is therefore to wisely combine the different channels.

Account and User Analysis

The number of users following your account on a network doesn’t only provide information about the company behind the social media account. Demographic data also shows the successes and failures of past social media support for this account. Grouping your followers by age and gender alone provides enough information to determine if they fit the relevant target groups. Important indicators further include the total number of followers and how the numbers grew over time. In this respect, it’s also important how many users have decided to unfollow your account. The interaction rate further provides information on the interest in your public post. This specific data is required for a social media consultation to show the future optimisation potential.

Strategic Social Media Support

The fundamental question before optimising the contents and processes social media support is: what makes this campaign a success? More likes, more shares, and more reach are verifiable indicators of how the social media accounts are performing. However, it’s quite unlikely that optimising these figures will yield the desired success. The true KPIs are considerably more distinct and should be carved out during a social media consultation.


The number of users who view your posts is always key. Here we need to distinguish between the total reach of a social media account and the reach of individual posts. The total reach shows the trend in a larger context. Furthermore – depending on the platform – it can affect posts being shared among followers. The numbers for individual contents can provide important information for continued social media consultation for how to design future contents. Reach, however, is rarely suitable as a sole criterion for measuring success, since the next click is usually the user’s

Click Rate

Sometimes the entire core of the message is the post itself. One picture can say all you want to say to your followers. But this is typically not the case, since the goal is to redirect the user to contents or product/services they can click on to take a closer look at or buy. The click rate is therefore an important performance indicator in social media support.


There is no better recipe for successfully spreading your posts than generating content which encourages users to interact. Likes, shares and comments are the hard currency of social media support. By responding to comments sensibly and providing content users like to share with friends, you can use this to boost your reach and convey a positive company image. We will gladly provide you with information on how to utilise these effects to benefit content marketing during a social media consultation.

Optimising Contents and Processes

Managing your online presence will benefit from clear planning and delegation. wunder media offers solutions for adding contents, communicating with followers, and managing advertising budgets, tailored to your social media accounts. The following elements are vital in the success of any strategy.

  • Content and Timing

    The success of your posts essentially depends on three factors: the topic, the design of the post, and the time published. Even if the image and text are edited optimally, the factor of the day of the week and time still remains. The best day/time to publish varies by the type of post, the topic covered, and the clicking pattern of followers. Which rules apply to a specific social media account will be uncovered during social media support. Editorial plans will help you plan contents and provide a solid basis for A/B tests, which can then be used to optimise the further strategy.

  • Community Management

    Company accounts are not only a tool for sharing contents. For many customers, they’re also a convenient tool for contacting you. Social media support includes responding to a wide range of enquires – in the form of providing information or referring customers to other contact options. To ensure all parties are satisfied with the responses, wunder media will assist you with writing guidelines for Community Management to standardise the content and format of communication.

  • Advertising

    Advertising allows you to better present current campaigns and grow your community. Ad design follows similar best practices as other editorial contents. Furthermore, there are numerous options for targeting the target groups, and planning and managing the budget. wunder media’s social media support entails one stop solutions that have been successfully implemented for clients such as Triumph.

Consultation and Support for New Social Media Accounts

Social media consultancy has many options when creating a new account. Defining goals, developing communication strategies, creating design templates – countless details help when building a community and establishing your brand on social networks. A clear concept allows you to identify and repeat successful strategies. Poorly performing elements can be pinpointed and replaced with new ideas. This makes it easier for you to navigate the difficult initial stage when the number of subscribers is low.

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