Sat.1 Gold

Sat.1 Gold

Sat.1 Gold is part of the ProSiebenSAT.1 network ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE. The Sat.1 Gold ServiceLive chat (Lenßen Live) and iconic and nostalgic series programming is specifically aimed at the 40 to 64 year old female audience.

wunder media works for the SAT.1 Gold digital editorial office and handles all operational tasks related to the brand’s video editing. This also includes editing premier episodes for series, e.g. “Inspector Rex” and “K11”.

The key tasks of wunder media include editing trailers and highlight clips, along with creating thematic playlists on the respective formats. wunder media provides website users with the best possible benefits related to the Sat.1 Gold TV programming.

Furthermore, wunder media continuously manages the landing pages for the brand’s TV formats.

wunder media also handles editorials for the SAT.1 Gold Facebook page and format fan pages on Facebook. Every day, the wunder media editorial department staff creates many different types of Facebook posts to promote current TV episodes, entertain the SAT.1 Gold fan community, and gain more fans for the brand.