On 1st January 1984, the launch of TV station Sat.1 heralded the start of the era of independent television in Germany. Sat.1 strives to use its programming variety to appeal to and entertain the 14 to 59-year-old relevance target group.

The agency wunder media produces additional content for the entire Sat.1 website: each day, staff work on the 7 day catch up for highly-rated daily formats and films.

Video editing also includes editing entire episodes online, cutting trailers for new episodes and exciting highlight clips. They add galleries, create quizzes and contents as additional content. wunder media handles the Facebook accounts for various Sat.1 formats. In coordination with the editorial department, series and films are posted to social media platforms for creative marketing.

wunder media further handles live support for successful formats, such as “SAT.1 Frühstücksfernsehen“, “Promi Big Brother”, “The Voice of Germany” or “The Taste“: this includes working on and uploading web-exclusives. We furthermore handle the Sat.1 Facebook pages for the formats – including during live shows: wunder media continuously uploads current content to the Facebook pages. wunder media further handles community management.

Placing contents on doesn’t just allow viewers to re-watch programmes.
The new Guide section offers users added value in a capacity which is relatively independent of TV: the “SAT.1 Guide” provides users current service news with topics focusing on health, fitness, weight loss, beauty, cars, or recipes.
The related videos are primarily produced by wunder media staff. This additional content provides users with a complete picture on the topic.

wunder media continuously assists with optimising content based on SEO criteria.