Event Calender

Event Calender

wunder media is a leading provider for Germany’s event calendar – high quality and tailored to the user’s needs. wunder media has been producing event schedules since 2000 using an editorial system developed specifically for this purpose.

The range of services for the Wunderguide event calendar now includes 20,000 events per month. Categories range from exhibition, stage, music, party, sports, recreation, & more. Every day, our experienced wunder media editors research, diligently upload, and enhance them with text and pictures.

They are then monitored regularly to ensure the listings are accurate and dates in the Wunderguide are up to date. When researching dates, we pay particular attention to the details of the event. On the one hand, by using saved data Wunderguide, the wunder media event calendar, upgrades the online presence of wunder media’s clients. This additional service also provides the user with increased added value. The event calendar also serves as the ideal advertisement for the organizer.

Organizers have the option to send their newsletters and press release directly to the respective departments at wunder media.

Exhibitions (exhibitions, vernissages, etc.)

Stage (theatre, musicals, opera, etc.)

Music (rock & pop, jazz, classical, etc.)

Party (nightlife, clubs, etc.)

Sports (football, handball, motorsports, etc.)

Recreation & Other (fairs, shows, etc.)