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Shop Texts

In online retail, shop texts serve several purposes, which are essential to the success of an online shop. They provide the customer with useful information and thus important incentives to buy. From a long-term perspective, detailed information can contribute to increasing customer satisfaction and therefore customer loyalty. This particularly applies to editorial contents that provide more than mere product details. The effectiveness of the contents further goes far beyond the user’s experience on the website.

Texts in an online shop are a key factor for the reach of the online service. They serve as content, which can be shared on social media, and furthermore are an important ranking criterion for search engines. Using high quality content has many benefits on a range of platforms, from Facebook to Google. wunder media, Germany’s largest digital editorial agency, provides you with a suitable concept for this.

Overview: The Effect of Text in Online Shops

  • Be Better Informed

    Perhaps the most common content serving as a product description is the information from the product’s data sheet. But it’s not only the content customers benefit from the most. Additional information provides an incentive to buy which is key in e-commerce. Product features, positive reviews, and shopping options are only some of the information which move customers to trust you and allow for customer loyalty.

  • Increasing SEO Traffic

    Unique content is one of the criteria which have a positive effect on ranking on Google and other search engines. Informative shop texts are therefore one of the most essential and most effective tools in search engine optimisation (SEO) in online retail. This requires a text length that is clearly longer than a brief description, and quality content.

  • Increasing Social Media Reach

    In addition to product descriptions, which provide the customer with more than direct information about a product, shop texts also hold other benefits for e-commerce. A mail order business with their own blog or magazine can draw a lot of interest in its range of products. Articles on current topics and trends you share on your social media channels draw more attention to your brand. When used correctly, this type of shop text increases your online reach.

Shop texts: focused on the customer

The same principle that applies to any type of text also applies to texts in online shops: they’re only effective if they focus on the reader’s interests and their need for information. This in turn results in some rules for creating content. wunder media will gladly advise you on the details of shop texts, so you can then draft an accurate briefing for when text is later written.

Basic Info in Shop Texts

A product range consisting of product groups with little in common makes the task more complex. It quickly becomes apparent that shop texts for categories such as household appliances and fashion have little in common. The consultation a customer requires before deciding to buy is very different in these cases. The product range determines which contents the product descriptions should focus on – and how many variations are sensible.

User-Friendly Structure

Reading online has its own set of rules. Users will rarely read long texts when searching for specific key information. In addition to the actual content, the presentation is therefore key. The job of a shop text is to convey to the user at first glance where to find what information. Bullet points help to clearly list product data and other key facts.

How to Create Convincing Content

Shop texts don’t become effective from writing, it all begins in the planning stages. Our texts ensure the structure of your texts always focus on the user. The wunder media editorial service supports you through all work steps along the way.

How to Create Convincing Content

Shop texts don’t become effective from writing, it all begins in the planning stages. The wunder media editorial service supports you through all work steps along the way.

  • Planning Content

    A clear direction for content and the design of the contents ensures smooth and efficient production. These fundamental decisions form the basis for all subsequent steps in the process. To illustrate the end result and make it reviewable, we recommend producing binding sample texts. Shop texts are then written on a solid, well thought out foundation.

  • Writing Texts

    The number of shop texts required is primarily based on the number of relevant products. An online shop may therefore require a large amount of content within a short amount of time. A professional solution is vital, not only with respect to quantity. A large network of writers and our internal editorial staff allows wunder media to also guarantee quality texts for large scale projects. We will gladly provide you with a sample of our successful work for domestic and international e-commerce companies.

  • Maintaining Shop Text

    Text in the online shop yields long-term success but should also be reviewed regularly. The natural fluctuation in the product range can easily result in not having shop texts for important new products. To ensure sustained product maintenance, you should therefore also consider producing fresh contents for future production.

Other Challenges

Administrative challenges may particularly arise in the planning stage. These usually depend on the size of the online shop with respect to the product range and the markets supplied.

Prioritising Content

The number of pages which can benefit from new content is typically rather large for online shops. Prioritising helps with utilising the available resources efficiently. One effective approach for prioritising is using the current sales data for individual products. For example, the potential traffic SEO texts can generate in the online shop is even a useful criterion. A performance assessment will help to adjust priorities for continuous content production in the long term.

Shops in Several Languages

Several domestic markets with different languages can be demanding on the website design – and not only from a technical perspective. To be able to use the positive effects of shop texts across all borders, you will need texts in all relevant languages. wunder media offers suitable solutions for quality translations, which meet your content specifications along with SEO criteria.

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