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Product Descriptions

Informative texts are an important element for online shops to draw customers to the website and yield higher conversions. Detailed product descriptions with more than just dry product data are the key to success. They help a shop gain more SEO traffic, communicate the unique selling points to customers, and further enhance the user experience on many levels.

Enhancing Online Shops with Product Descriptions


A clear overview of essential product data is a practical service for customers. Summarising the key benefits of the product should be just as much a part of it as a detailed description. The type of product is essential for the kind of information that is beneficial to the customer. When selling large equipment, shipping information can, for example, be a helpful service.


It’s significantly harder to provide a personal consultation in e-commerce than in traditional offline retail. That’s why product descriptions that provid4 more than mere technical data are that much more important. Here too, there are many options which vary based on the product range. A fashion shop can e.g. provide a type guide to make it easier for customers to make decisions while also pointing out other matching products.


The impression a visitor has based on the content is also part of the user experience. Does the wording appeal to the target group? Does the shop appear to be a credible expert for the products sold? These types of questions should require no answer when purchasing product descriptions to fit the branding. We will ensure a fitting tonality.


International e-commerce typically requires online presences in multiple languages. This is where wunder media is your one stop, as we provide text production in numerous languages.

Potential of SEO Product Descriptions

The content of an online shop is an important factor in generating traffic via search engines. In order to be among the top rankings with Google and other service providers through search engine optimisation (SEO), a website requires texts optimised for strong keywords. With SEO product descriptions, you will therefore achieve advertising effects beyond your website, drawing in more customers. High quality texts also pay off here, since search engines rate the content compared to many other websites. This directly affects the ranking of your products among search results.

Placing Relevant Content

In e-commerce, descriptive shop texts serve a completely different purpose. They can be used directly with the products or as informative articles. Below, you will find some examples to help you distinguish between the different types of text that wunder media provides as a text agency.

Product Pages

The traditional product description is found on the product page. It ensures the product can be found on Google and provides the potential buyer with an overview of specifications. This type of text therefore requires a detailed description of the product features and, potentially, further advice directly related to the product.

Category Pages

The category pages where products are grouped into a category can become an important feature of an online shop – when used correctly. Enhanced with SEO product descriptions or category descriptions, they hold the potential of directing users with more general queries to the page where they will find a range of related products. Descriptive and concise texts further make it easier for users to navigate between different categories.

Enter box title

In addition to product descriptions, articles in a shop blog and magazines are an opportunity to provide information about products and generate SEO traffic. These types of articles can further be shared on your social media channels and generate more traffic for your online shop. wunder media, Germany’s largest digital editorial agency, is also your competent partner for creating blog and magazine articles, and social media support.

Purchased product descriptions: Important factors

The vast options for writing product descriptions as well as the different goals set for the content require detailed planning. Both the text and layout elements, and the shop structure should be taken into account here.

  • Content and Form

    When planning content, the question is how big product descriptions should be and which content is crucial. How to present the information and making it as appealing to customers as possible is often even more important. Bullet points with important facts and a clear structure are proven to be effective elements when designing a helpful product description. In addition to basic data, positive test ratings and other documented advantages the product can offer are a useful part of the content. Payment details and shipping options are also information important to customers. We will gladly provide you with the expertise of our text agency to draft a concept for your product descriptions. The wunder media editorial department will then implement your specifications in every detail.

  • Product Links

    When producing text, the entire website structure should be taken into account. Links between products and categories ensure optimal user navigation and add to the positive effects of SEO texts. Product descriptions should further make it easier for customers to decide on a purchase by providing useful links to other product groups related to the product shown.

  • Existing Content

    It’s not always necessary to write entirely new content to accomplish the user experience and SEO goals. A content audit uncovers the strengths and weaknesses of existing product descriptions, and a content strategy is then built on this. Depending on the goals of the online shop, it may be helpful to revise or add to existing content. Should you have existing texts revised or purchase new product descriptions? We will gladly provide you with a content analysis as part of our editorial services to answer this question.

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