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A text agency, for content tailored to your needs

Whether it’s up-to-the-minute content, customer information for your website, or successful content for various social media channels; when working with wunder media to implement your projects, you’ll have Germany’s largest digital content agency at your side. With an editorial staff of about 100 and the company’s years of experience, you’re guaranteed to be working with a text agency that has the expertise to supply perfectly fitting contents.

Services of the wunder media text agency

Content creation services

As an experienced text agency, wunder media is able to meet the topic and stylistic specifications of every client. Producing contents to fixed specifications is just as much an option as a detailed consultation on a content concept directly based on the client’s goals. We have built a network over many years to provide you with content on a wide range of topics and also deliver large volumes of content quickly. We look forward to a personal consultation and providing you with information about our services.

Text analysis and text revision

In addition to the quality of new content, regularly updating existing content is an important factor in ensuring the long-term success of an online presence. Analysing the content and the website structure will show the potential for optimisation and provide a basis for deciding which new contents are required. wunder media is your qualified contact for a detailed content audit.

Content Management

In addition to producing text, our staff will upon request, also manage the entire editorial support for your online presence. There are several benefits to having content management continually managed by a content agency: for one, your website will always be up to date, directly benefiting visitors to your website, and two, current and structured contents are the basis for a good ranking with Google and other search engines. And we won’t let you down when it comes to technical implementation. We will gladly support you with the web design and implementing a suitable CMS.

Organising editorial processes

Creating texts to customer specifications and providing full support for entire websites aren’t the only options. You decide which text agency services you wish to utilise. There are many options ranging from wunder media managing all editorial contents long term, and the project-specific role of content provider. You decide how you want your texts to be written.

Customised content for specific goals

The tone of the text is an essential branding component for any brand. For us, this means specific requirements call for custom solutions, which we as the content agency will implement together with you. And yet we will also keep the purpose of the content in mind.

Information for clients

Customer numbers and profits are growing in e-Commerce – along with the customer’s standards for shopping online. Online shops are faced with the challenge of combining the personal service of offline retail with the convenience of ordering at the push of a button. Informative product descriptions are an excellent way to answer customer questions and provide additional information. Our text agency services also include producing content for online shopping. We will address your customers’ needs and enhance your product pages with helpful information. Positive SEO effects are included with high quality shop texts.

SEO Traffic

SEO (search engine optimisation) is one of the key elements in drawing your customers’ or readers’ attention to you. Being listed on search engine such as Google and Bing primarily requires unique texts. This is the only way to be in the top rankings for common keywords, thus yielding more traffic. As a content provider, we will provide SEO texts implemented to current best practices of search engine optimisation.

Journalistic articles

As a text agency focused on current topics, wunder media also produces journalistic articles on various topics. Our clients in the news field include e.g. Bunte.de and MSN. Are you interested in current news and detailed background information for your readers? At wunder media you will receive regular updates in the form of text and/or video. We look forward to presenting you with our services in more detail.

More than a content agency for texts

Not all websites require the same content to be successful. Different target groups and services aren’t the only reason why internet users find a website in different ways. That’s why our work as a text agency doesn’t start at writing, but with analysing opportunities. High quality content only achieves its full effect when it’s used efficiently.

The right content strategy

In the online world, there are many options for addressing your potential customers or readers. That’s why a content strategy takes into account various traffic channels to draw users to your website and keep them there. SEO-optimised texts ensure visitors are certain to find their way to you from Google. Targeted communication through Facebook, Instagram or other networks can significantly increase the brand and product recognition. Marketing strategies such as content seeding require informative and entertaining texts which appeal to readers without drifting off into advertising lingo. An experienced text agency will provide suitable content, from a catchy headline, all the way to a detailed product description.

Text agency, social media and more

When we write text, we always keep in mind how the text will develop its full potential. Editing topics for social media should therefore be part of content production. As a content agency, wunder media will optimise text and the image language so your Facebook, Instagram, etc. posts draw the largest audience possible. Measuring success by coverage, shares, and other factors ensures efficient use of resources for the client.

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Individual needs require individual concepts: That’s why we are looking forward to your request and are happy to consult with you in person.