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Content Audit

Content Audit for Websites: The services of wunder media

The bigger the website, the more likely it is to have outdated and irrelevant content. Even below the surface of a seemingly lean online presence, there may be contents which should have been removed a long time ago. Which contents are made available by a domain, how users interact with the content, and what this means for the goals of the website all become evident in a detailed content audit.

This term refers to the digital inventory of all contents made available online. A content audit uncovers all needs for optimisation. This inventory taking can also unveil surprising findings on the website structure. You will find the necessary expertise for a content analysis and assessment at the wunder media text agency.

Where a content audit will be helpful

A content audit puts the entire web presence to the test. This is essential when obvious difficulties arise. Less conversions, a decline in contact requests, or Google rankings dropping are warning signs which call for a review. A regular analysis can help you prevent problems and further improve the strengths of the content. A content audit is valuable for the following tasks.

  • Identifying problems

    Various indicators can be used to measure a website’s performance. Traffic provides information as to where the visits originate from, the actions taken on the website, and whether traffic is increasing or decreasing. If performance indicators determine a negative trend, it may be due to declining interest in the products and services. However, it’s more likely the content offered has its shortcomings or the competition is offering better quality. A content audit will uncover this.

  • Consolidating strengths

    Do your performance indicators show an upward trend for no obvious reason? Although this is a positive scenario, success can only be maintained if you know the reason for this trend. A content analysis taking into account history and the last content updates can provide the necessary answers.

  • Securing a relaunch with a content audit

    Relaunching an online presence is an opportunity to change the content along with the layout – or to continue using successful content. A content analysis shows whether the current content meets the new requirements, and whether a new website structure and a new design can be incorporated. Here again, a detailed inventory is a basic requirement.

The road to an informative content analysis

There can be different reasons for a content audit, but the goals are always the same: taking inventory of all contents and finding the answers to the key questions of whether the content is up to date and achieving the website’s objectives.

  • Defining questions

    It’s not necessarily critical why you want to have a content analysis done. Whether it’s an initial routine website check-up or there’s pressing problem, the data required is largely identical. However, in some cases it’s still helpful to focus on pressing questions to quickly resolve obvious weak points of the content. When we perform a content analysis, we will therefore gladly focus on the area specified by you in order to quickly resolve your most pressing matters.

  • Collecting and analysing data

    To have a complete picture, the content audit must include all pages including your key parameters. This includes the URL, titles, metadata, text length, relevant keywords, and other details. The goal of collecting data is to accurately document the contents of the page along with where it is located on the website. Numerous individual data will later provide an overall picture detailing the actual structure of your website. Categories which have grown out of control are just as common as neglected areas in the online service. The assessment will even identify duplicate content and thin content. Combined with statistical data, e.g. bounce rate and the time spent on the website the content audit provides a complete picture.

  • Backlinks, user signals and more

    Links to other internet offers also provide information helpful in understanding a domain as a whole. Facebook likes and other user signals show which website content visitors found positive. Backlinks from other websites show whether the content of specific landing pages are considered particularly valuable. Both factors are important in your coverage on social media and SEO, and should therefore be included in a broad content analysis.

  • Defining measures based on the content audit

    At the end of the content audit you will receive recommendations for action which can be broken down into several areas. Among other things, this includes the text quality, content maintenance, and the overall structure. Common recommendations are to remove outdated contents, update important pages, and content management actions, e.g. updating metadata. We will further assess whether the domain is state of the art. wunder media will gladly provide assistance with web design and other aspects of a technical revision.

Quick Content Check

Obtaining a general impression of the state of a website doesn’t always require a detailed content audit. As a first step, a quick content check can provide the most pressing answers. This will show whether the site’s content management is working well and the structure is orderly.

A content analysis of minor details is also helpful if you suspect problems with specific elements of your online presence or wish to tap into specific traffic sources. This will make the results more specific but provides less information about the online presence as a whole. The quick overview is not a long-term substitute for analysing all available pages.

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