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Content Seeding with wunder media

What is content seeding?

Content seeding is a strategy in content marketing which focuses on purposefully spreading contents on the internet. Addressing the correct target groups and multiplier effects are aimed at spreading the marketing message as best possible. This is where a seeding agency and the company’s website come into play, along with the online presence of third party providers and particularly the various social media channels. From producing content right up to figuratively “spreading” contents, wunder media provides all the services you require.

Seeding in Online Marketing

The marketing strategy has been established and the message is clearly defined. But how do you catch the attention of the target group online? Even the progress of the online advertising market through to advertorials and native advertising show that traditional advertisements are no longer the tool of choice. Content seeding is therefore based on the fact that it’s virtually impossible to define a message without taking into account the channel used to spread it. Looking at online marketing options shows what this means for the digital world.

  • Social Seeding

    Facebook, Twitter and other networks allow businesses to accurately address specific target groups. The contents which spread through the target groups, however, are up against a virtually infinite number of articles, which can result in your articles becoming lost and meaningless. Planning for social seeding therefore uses several approaches. For one, existing followers need to be provided with appealing content, and two, more followers are to be acquired with paid measures. Another option is to use influencers – individuals within a specific content field with a large number of follows – to relay the contents to the target group through recommendations, per se.

  • Editorials

    Content seeding is the quickest way to spread contents online. Extensive coverage can be attained by using seeding agencies. Products are offered to a large number of internet users through the content of major websites. Clicking these articles will redirect users to the article on your website. This directly addresses the user’s need for information and placing the content in a familiar environment stresses the professional authority the content is based on. As an editorial agency, wunder media produces daily content for clients such as MSN, Bunte.de, and the online services of ProSiebenSat.1 Digital. This experience will also be applied when designing your contents for content seeding.

  • Backlinks

    Content seeding takes on an entirely different role when used in the context of search engine optimisation (SEO). High quality contents spread in your online services become an incentive for backlinks to other websites. More backlinks yield better rankings on Google and other search engines, increasing visibility and relevant traffic. The content spread through other editorial offers can also be beneficial, either through direct backlinks to your website or finding the articles in search engines.

High Content Standards

Attention is scarce online. An offer which holds no added value to the user is difficult to spread, regardless of how much effort you put into it. After all, whether the content is worth sharing with friends or is perceived as informative is vital.

One important aspect in assessing added value is the entertainment value. Pictures and videos are without a doubt the most shared contents on social networks. They are perfect to spread by being shared again and again, however they also pose the risk of putting too much emphasis on the advertising content. Contents providing advice, which are primarily shared as links, are an important enhancement in a seeding agent’s strategy.

Concrete information allows the content provider to present themselves as an expert, improve the company’s reputation and point out products. The content marketing agency’s job in content seeding is to spread a message without the content focusing on the sender. This is a complex matter in terms of planning and implementing contents.

  • Influencers

    Once content seeding takes place, influencers are an important factor. This term refers to individuals with a large following on social media and can influence opinions. Successful content seeding typically builds on cooperating with influencers to establish a good basis for spreading the contents. The number of individuals a single popular social media figure can reach can already be enough to snowball attention. Influencers should primarily be selected based on content. The topics covered by their content and the content you wish to promote must be a good match. The desired marketing effect can only be achieved by naturally embedding it in the flow of Facebook updates, Instagram snapshots, or similar posts.

  • Virality

    Content can only go viral if the content meets general interest, hence is not overly focused on a specific target group. So as important as it may be to tailor a social media item to an influencer’s fans, content seeding will miss the target by strictly limiting its offer to this group. If you’re planning a viral campaign, the topic serving as the social media tag also needs to be aimed in various directions.

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