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The requirements for advertising and PR have grown tremendously in the age of online media. Industry insiders know the dreaded “blindness to advertising” of customers is already reality. The shift towards marketing, which relies more on editorial work than traditional advertisements, is a logical response to current challenges. As a content specialist, wunder media is your one stop for agency services related to content marketing.

Goals in Content Marketing

There are many ways to describe the goals of marketing: drawing attention to the company’s products and services, positively influencing the image, increasing customer loyalty. All definitions also apply to content marketing. This aspect in particular is about the strategies for utilising the opportunities of digital distribution channels. Although the focus is on long-term effects, there certainly are short-term benefits.

  • Short-Term Goals

    A content marketing agency can also include short-term goals in the strategic alignment of your campaign. The results are typically easy to measure in this area and therefore also provide initial information about the effectiveness of the overall strategy.

    At the core of short-term results is increasing the reach of your contents. This particularly includes content going viral on social media, which can be reflected in additional traffic for your online presence. At the core of the strategy is the content, which draws the customer in and directs the company’s message.

  • Long-Term Goals

    From a long-term perspective, content marketing is primarily a tool to retain customers, strengthen the brand, and increase visibility on the internet. Having a presence on networks such as Facebook and Instagram is just as important as appearing in search engines such as Google and Bing. Strategic placement of the main brand message secures the company’s reputation and builds trust in customers. Content marketing therefore ultimately also aims at long lasting interest in the company’s services and optimising the conversion rate.

What Content Needs to Deliver

If not a push advertising message, what constitutes successful xxx in content marketing? Although there are many strategic differences, the content differs from traditional forms of advertising based on some clear principles. The user who sees the contents receives information and/or entertainment in the form of editorial articles. Articles, infographics, videos and any other possible types of content aim at establishing the companies as an expert on a topic and creating a positive external perception.

Contrary to sales approaches, using banners and other advertising tools to point out the company’s services is not initially key. Content marketing provides contents which are of interest to a target group and then virtually spread automatically. Behind it is a logical conclusion from the change in the advertising market: a noticeable advertising character conflicts with the organic spread of contents. The challenge is therefore on making the user aware of the creator of the contents without stressing the intended advertising effect. wunder media as a content marketing agency and editorial firm offers suitable solutions.

Methods for Spreading

Good content spreads almost by itself, but only almost. The internet offers an almost unlimited form of knowledge and entertainment created by commercial and non-commercial providers. In addition to creating content, the second major task in content marketing consultancy is therefore planning how to place content.

  • Content Marketing und Content Seeding

    Content marketing consultancy is an integral process where the marketing strategy, the content, and spreading the content are inseparable. The contents must reach the right user in the right place to ideally cause a rapid, snowball-type spreading of the content. The required enticements and how information can be purposefully spread is a matter of content seeding. Seeding is aimed at a large variety of online media such as e.g. social networks, news websites or blogs. Below are some important aspects we as a content marketing agency take into account in the consultation and strategic planning.

  • Social Media

    Out of all online channels, social media offers the best chances for fast distribution. Viral content causing great “social buzz” is the ideal goal for any campaign. On the one hand, this is due to the organic reach where contents are spread purely from likes and shares. On the other hand, social ads can be helpful in content marketing. The line to traditional advertising is no longer clear in this respect. This is where influencer marketing is also gaining importance. Persons with a high reputation and presence in social media become marketing messengers, thus offering up their own reach.

  • Websites

    Being merely visible to a lot of people often isn’t enough. The next click must also lead to meaningful content. This is where advertisers can choose whether to offer it on their own websites, or instead use paid placement through other online services. Both options can be very sensible – both individually or combined. In line with our services as a content marketing agency, wunder media offers suitable content and the necessary overall concept for your individual requirements.


The surest way to find information online is a search engine. Google and other providers are therefore an important channel for the contents used in content marketing. Even more so because SEO (search engine optimisation) also uses long-term strategies. Keyword optimisation of the content ensures efficient use of this source for traffic. Furthermore, high quality content serves a purpose beyond pure SEO text. It increases the appeal of external links which have a positive effect on the ranking.

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