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Advertorials and Native Advertising

Advertising in a Digital Environment

While the basic idea of advertorials has been used in advertising for decades, native advertising is still a relatively new term. The line between how to define one term or the other are often blurred. So you can imagine the two concepts have a lot in common. They’re both advertisements, which not only sell a product but focus on the actual content. The important difference compared to other forms of advertising and the key to drawing the customer’s attention is the high-quality content. As part of the C3 group of agencies, wunder media offers custom solutions for advertorials and native advertising in a digital environment. Learn below which criteria the content must meet.

Advertorials in the Digital Age

The origin of the term advertorial already indicates what’s behind this form of advertising. It’s a portmanteau of advertisement and editorial. Combining these two elements yields a new form of advertising not only aimed at advertising a product name. It is instead aimed at drawing attention to a topic and providing information which truly attracts the reader’s attention.

Advertising Without the Advertising Nature

It is traditionally used in printed advertisement. The most common examples are paid advertisements and advertising supplements which appear similar to editorial content. Advertorials address readers on a familiar level by adapting the layout and style to those of the medium. This minimises the perceived line between editorial contents and advertising. Actually drawing the reader’s attention to the content, however, requires more than modifying the layout. The content is therefore crucial in advertising forms such as advertorials. The fundamental goal is to break away from the advertising nature by providing an informative offer. Success does not come from a catchy slogan but how beneficial the information is to the reader. Whilst ads are typically focused directly on the product, an advertorial primarily focuses on making a topic appealing. The factors which influence the interest of the reader therefore vastly correspond with the criteria of editorial contents.

The Possibilities of Native Advertising

The concept of advertising measures, which naturally adapt to the medium, has gained steam in the digital environment. The scalability of results has been particularly beneficial for improving marketing measures. Native advertising as a strategy used to purposefully spread contents is therefore quite important in digital media. Although it does not replace advertorials, how the message is delivered has become far more precise.

  • Targeted Delivery Across All Channels

    There is no distinct line between advertorials and native ads, particularly since the key notes haven’t changed. The form of the content is still based on editorials, but focuses more on providing the reader with information. However, introducing the new terminology has illustrated in recent years that changing to digital forms of advertising has also resulted in long term changes. The development shows parallels in how online ads have evolved in general.

    New tracking options provide more precise information on whether the content in fact reaches the target group. Placement in various online offers therefore becomes more purposeful, which also applies to further spread across all digital channels. Considering the opportunities for spreading throughout the social web is fundamental in the planning phase. Full-video and audio options allow you to be more flexible in how you address the target groups.

    At the interface between content strategy, writing text and social media support, wunder media handles the key element in your campaign: convincing content.

  • Native Advertising and Sponsored Content

    Contents placed in an editorial environment doesn’t necessary need to focus on the company’s products and services. The vast field of sponsored contents offers attractive alternatives. The advertising partner appears to be the expert on the topic in the editorial. Instead of becoming the focus, as in native advertising, the expert emerges through a more general topic. One main focus of wunder media is creating up-to-the-minute news contents. Drawing on our many years of experience we can show you which current topics your company should use for sponsored content.

Isn’t it all content marketing?

The strategies behind native advertising often seem vastly identical to the approaches used in content marketing. However, there are two areas where there are key differences. For one, advertising is paid for. Content marketing, on the other hand, is not necessarily based on placing paid content in external media. Furthermore, the goals of content marketing do not fall directly under the term advertising.

The work of a content marketing agency also revolves entirely around appealing contents beneficial to the reader. However, the content is not only placed on third party websites. The various content formats used in this type of marketing are in fact important in a company’s blog or social media accounts. The strategy has a more long-term aim than the native advertising campaigns. In addition to continuously cultivating the image, the goal is also increase reach on social networks and visibility in search engines. Ultimately, the content requirements are also very different from native advertising.

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