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Users don’t search the Internet for ads but for valuable information, news providing additional value, and entertainment – in short: content. The services of a content marketing agency are about addressing target groups or readers with informative, entertaining and guiding contents in a manner which convinces them of a service or brand, consequently winning them over as a long-term customer or user. Important keywords here are advertorials and native advertising.

Their message is delivered through content with additional value. Additional value meaning: Providing solutions to a problem, advice, getting users involved interactively, combining information with a “wow factor”. The focus is on wrapping contents in a way and circulating them through content seeding so they feel desirable. The provider of the information appears to be a competent guide.

Content Marketing Agency

With many years of experience in the production and distribution of digital content, wunder media is your go-to address for all questions concerning content marketing. Learn more about our custom-made services.

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Advertorials and Native Advertising

Interesting content instead of in-your-face advertising slogans: native advertising allows you to convince your target group of your products and services using high-quality articles and videos. Wunder shows you how to do that.

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Content Seeding

We develop a custom-fit seeding strategy for you to ensure that your content finds its way to the reader. Using social media and other communication channels, we target the users selectively to spread your message and content in the web.

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Individual needs require individual concepts: That’s why we are looking forward to your request and are happy to consult with you in person.