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Website Maintenance

Our Website Maintenance Services

Extensive website maintenance may require more than occasionally adding new pages. Website maintenance therefore also includes other services for you to choose from as necessary. This includes updating your calendar and press releases, search engine optimisation of contents, creating contents for a company blog, and more.

wunder media has over 100 editors and content managers to respond to various needs. Adjustments to the web design are just as much part of our range of services as website maintenance in the CMS, and parallel management of social media accounts.

Website maintenance: More than just content management

There are distinct differences between an impressive online presence and a poorly maintained website. They’re clearly visible and perceivable to users. After all, current and appealing contents will ensure your users will easily find information and products of interest. In other words: Professional website maintenance means an optimal user experience in the long term. The following list shows the services wunder media can provide for website support.

  • Current Contents

    In website support there are two sides to being up to date: On one hand, it’s important to present new offers and information. On the other hand, outdated contents need to be removed. There comes a point for every website when outdated content needs to be deleted. We will ensure important information will not be lost, and redirect users to other offers on your website. At the same time our content managers will ensure your latest news, events, and press releases remain visible.

    Editing existing text is furthermore only a small portion of the tasks we will gladly manage for you. The expertise of Germany’s largest digital editorial agency is at your service, regardless what your content needs are. After all, website maintenance ultimately always means maintaining the information you wish to put online – whether in form of product descriptions, service offers, or articles on blogs.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Online success is primarily based on how easy it is to find you. This requires good visibility among search engines such as Google and Bing. Keyword optimisation of your contents and maintaining metadata will ensure success in your search engine optimisation – and more visitors. Professional website maintenance is therefore automatically part of your online marketing.

  • Technical Website Maintenance

    Continuous website maintenance is also helpful with respect to technical aspects. Keeping CMS up to date and modifying the web design where necessary are some of the tasks which may be required. Continuously monitoring your online presence therefore ensures any need for action is identified early.

Other Website Maintenance Services

What happens on the website is an opportunity for you to improve your entire online presence. This is where wunder media offers all of the services of an online editorial agency.

Social Media

Upcoming dates, important customer information, and new interesting content: The little and big news you publish also hold potential for social media channels. Combining the editorial processes in social media maintenance helps to identify content which can be of use for social networks. We not only think of texts and design for you, but also how Facebook, Instagram, etc. are.

Community Management

Information is also constantly being exchanged on the internet outside of social networks. The options to encourage customers and visitors to interact range from internal customer forums all the way to a comment section for articles. If you offer these or similar services, we can also provide community management along with our website maintenance – both functionally, in contact with the community, or providing advise on strategic matters. Contact us for a reliable contact management solution.

Traffic Analysis

Analysing user behaviour is an important source of information in determining whether products, services, and key information on your website can in fact be located. Use the website support to learn which channel has the most visitors, how long they visit for, which pages are most commonly the last viewed before leaving your online presence. Monitoring shows whether your website is successful.

Contact Us

Website maintenance is a broad field which can span many different services. Find the solution to meet your needs together with wunder media. We will gladly provide a personal consultation on the various options and look forward to hearing from you!