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Content Management for your Website

Every website requires content management to ensure contents are always up to date. Professional management for all contents is the key to a positive user experience. It further ensures efficient use of technologies and success in search engine optimisation. Read on to learn more about content management and the services wunder media provides.

What is Content Management?

A lot of work goes into the steps from information in a database to the final website. The technical aspects can be automated over long periods, requiring little manual intervention. However, which information users can access and how they will be displayed is far beyond the technical infrastructure. The work required to ensure a well-maintained internet presence is called content management.

The latest information, outdated pages, revised texts and new videos – there are many reasons to update website content. Some of these are obvious to everybody, for example when company facts change. Other important details only become apparent when monitored by somebody in the content management system (CMS). Even deleting a single page can affect links and navigating a website. Temporary information must be removed at the designated time without exception. This and much more is all a part of content management.

Small and Big Solutions

Some challenges are the same for every website: being up to date and user friendly. Both apply completely irrespective of the size of the web presence, industry, or the contents, products, and services offered. The examples below illustrate there also are key differences for content managers depending on the website.

Full Service for Company Websites

The saying ‘it’s an online business card’ is not an empty phrase. A website is increasingly the first impression of a seller or service provider. So the digital route for selling is even more important. Updating offers, managing press releases, placing events where they are easy to see, and much more are part of regular website maintenance which takes place during content management. We will also gladly provide services for continuously adding to a company blog or analysing user behaviour.

Content Management in E-Commerce

With respect to the number of pages on a website, online shops are among the top. If the product range is large, the size can easily be hundreds of thousands. Add to this a fluctuation in the product range due to removing and adding a variety of products. Updating the product range alone become an ongoing, labour-intensive process. In addition, content is typically enhanced with product descriptions or SEO texts, which are crucial in e-commerce. For clients such as STYLIGHT, wunder media produces texts but additionally also maintains the contents directly in the CMS.

Managing Editorial Offerings

In addition to producing content, wunder media also handles content management of current content for various clients. For the online presences of MSN, wunder media maintains the news contents of the German language site daily. Content managers at wunder media have been assisting with the digital offerings of the ProSiebenSat.1 media company for years. Services include asset management when supplying content, video editing, and maintaining the layout of the pages.

Do you receive large amounts of data in form of video, audio, or picture content? Digital asset management is the care of content management which ensures smooth processing and archiving for these types of contents. This includes importing and exporting data, reviewing their content, and enhancing these with descriptive metadata. Converting to other required formats is also part of the tasks which may be required for processing the contents. The content managers at wunder media handle these tasks e.g. for the video streaming service maxdome.

Requirements of Content Management Service Providers

Website maintenance in CMS not only requires using the system. The focus is on the result supplied in the front end – including all related aspects. Editing content therefore needs to keep an eye on the service to the user just as much as the impacts on technical delivery.

  • Well-Versed Content Managers

    Editorial work is a fixed component of content management. After all, all of the contents received for editing must be categorised and, if necessary, edited for publishing. The core skills in content management therefore include correcting text and selecting images. Content management further includes editing contents for search engine optimisation so all relevant pages are found on Google and other providers.

    Freely designing new pages – if applicable based on the client’s style guide – is also a key element of this job. Due to the high requirements placed on editorial aspects of the process, the transition between content manager and online editor is therefore fluent.

  • Technical Knowledge

    This part of the requirements is apparent in various aspects. Handling different CMS and asset management systems is the practical side of this task. In addition, the end result benefits from understanding technical correlations. They can greatly affect a website’s performance indicators. The number of content management systems is vast. In addition to open and most common systems, there are numerous commercial providers which create custom solutions for online shops, company websites, news services, and other applications. Even the type of content, ranging from simple text all the way to multimedia contents, affect the infrastructure available for editing. It’s therefore not uncommon of the contents of website to stem from several separate systems.

    In the interest of the performance of the online presence, loading times are also important. When implementing images, videos, and audio files it’s therefore important to also keep an eye on the result beyond visual design. Content management by wunder media ensures order among complex structures – for the front end and the back end.

Service Consultation

wunder media offers a wide range of content management services for handling your online presence. Please contact us for more information or about our other services as an editorial agency. We look forward to a personal consultation.