How do I apply?

We look forward to your interest and trust shown in your application. You can e-mail your application straight to our Human Resources Manager

Catharina Klingenhoff:

We will send you confirmation that your application has reached us shortly upon receipt. For a full list of vacancies, please visit our Careers section.

Avoid mistakes

Please review your application to ensure it is complete and correct before submitting it. Avoid mistakes. You’ve probably put a lot of thought into the design and there is nothing worse than finding a typo after sending it.

Complete documents

What’s important for us is your letter with a brief, concise description of why you want to work with us. What are your expectations? Your detailed curriculum vitae and your most recent job references provide us with information about your previous work.

What happens next?

The respective department will review your documents. We will then respond to you by e-mail or phone. If you meet our requirements, we will invite you to a personal interview or schedule a telephone interview. You may later be asked to return for a second interview.

If your expectations and ours match at the end of the process, we will warmly welcome you into the wunder media team.